Our vision is to create the most significant female empowering movement in the tourism industry.
Through events, mentoring programs, Think Tanks and coaching….

The big, fat, hairy audacious goal of SLAY IT is to move the needle from only 7% of hospitality seats in the C-suite held by women to 50% by 2030.

stronger together.
There’s strength in numbers, in voices, in stories.

Women are over mentored, but under-sponsored. Our founders are creating opportunities for companies who want to show their meaningful commitment to assisting in programs that say to our members, “We invest in you.”

Open sponsorships include:
– In-Destination “Glamp Camps”
– Co-Marketing and Media aimed at connecting women on a deeper level with your brand.
– Think Tanks & Research

For more information about sponsoring, email our founder


On Wednesdays, we SLAY. (and probably wear pink)

Join our founders at their weekly talk show. *coming soon*

Until then….